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This article tells you about Surin.com and the knowledge points corresponding to Surin.com’s official flagship store. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Physical stores of what Suning.com sells. 2. Suning.com’s Jingdong Mall. 3. How does Suning.com issue invoices. Physical stores 1 and Suning.com both operate as follows. Traditional home appliances, 3C electrical appliances, daily necessities and other categories. Crop seed management Surin Tesco; auction business; network culture management; food sales. Retail industry, logistics service, financial industry, installation and maintenance industry. 2. Mainly sell major appliances, small appliances, kitchen and bathroom products, consumer electronics and mobile phone products. 3. Surin Tesco, Liuting Street, Chengyang District, opposite to Liuting Building Materials Market, Liuting Commercial Street, South Gate of Xiajiazhuang. Mainly engaged in home appliances, mobile phones, digital, mother and baby, beauty, kitchen and bathroom, outdoor products, automobiles, daily necessities, department stores, etc. It belongs to the offline physical store of the online mall, helping to answer product questions, so that customers can feel more at ease. 4. Suning.com is a new website platform jointly developed by the industry's leading partner IBM based on the long-term accumulated rich retail experience and the comprehensive platform of procurement, logistics and after-sales service of Suning.com. Suning.com Jingdong Mall 1. If you need to buy a mobile phone, we recommend Jingdong and Suning.com, two online shopping platforms. 2. Differences: Delivery scope and delivery method: Suning has a large scope, and JD Express Suning and JD.com both have their own logistics systems on their websites. JD Express has become the favorite of many consumers with its good service and fast delivery. Although the speed of Suning Express has been criticized by many people, the website is the e-commerce company with the most pictures of express delivery in China. 3. Answer: JD.com sued Suning.com. Explanation: On February 24, 2021, JD.com announced that it had filed a lawsuit against Suning.com because of serious infringements on some of the products sold by Suning.com. 4. The biggest difference between JD.com and Suning.com: Delivery range and delivery method: Suning has a large range, and JD.com Express. Both Suning and JD.com have their own logistics systems on their websites. JD Express has become the preferred choice of many consumers for its good service and fast delivery. favorite. How does Suning.com issue invoices? Suning.com’s invoice description: The invoices for Suning’s self-operated products are issued by the corresponding subsidiaries and branches of Suning Yuntai Group according to the product category and distribution area; The invoice for the sale of goods shall be issued by the corresponding merchant. How to change an invoice To open Suning.com, the user first needs to open JD.com, enter the main page, click the My option in the lower right corner, enter the My function page, and find My order in the My page, open and enter the order details. How does Suning.com change the invoice? Open Jingdong, enter the main page, click the "My" option in the lower right corner, enter the my function page, and find "All Orders" in the My page, open and enter the order details. Are you asking where is the invoice for home appliances purchased on the official website of Suning.com? On the Order Temperament page. Because the electronic invoice query method in Suning.com is: log in to your personal Alipay. Pull down all the applications, select "Invoice Manager" in the convenience life, in the interface of the invoice manager, you can see the number of invoices you currently have, set the title of the invoice, and use the invoice to draw a lottery. What kind of enterprise does Suning E-buy belong to? It is a listed company Sulin Tesco, a private enterprise Suning was founded on December 26, 1990, headquartered in Nanjing, and is the leader of Chinese commercial enterprises Sulin Tesco. Its products cover traditional home appliances, consumer electronics, department stores, daily necessities, and books. , virtual products and other comprehensive categories. The full name of Suning Appliance is Suning Tesco Group Co., Ltd. The type of the company is a joint stock limited company, which is a commercial enterprise, and the nature of the company is a listed company. Suning.com is a manufacturing company. Suning.com is a new-generation B2C online shopping platform under Suning.com Group Co., Ltd., covering traditional home appliances, 3C electrical appliances, daily necessities and other categories. In 2011, Suning.com strengthened the simultaneous development of virtual networks and physical stores, and continuously increased its network market share. Suning.com is a new generation B2C online shopping platform under Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd. Suning.com website function Suning.com is a new website jointly developed by IBM, a leading partner in the industry, based on Suning.com’s long-term accumulated rich retail experience and comprehensive platforms such as procurement, logistics, and after-sales service. platform. The characteristic of Suning.com is that it is a B2C, rather than a C2C model like Taobao. Suning.com is a B2C online shopping platform launched by Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd. in 2009, covering traditional home appliances, 3C electrical appliances, daily necessities and other commodities. The functions of the module are as follows: Commodity browsing: Users can browse various commodities on the Suning.com platform through the website and mobile application. Product search: Users can use the search bar to search for keywords to quickly find the desired product. The Suning.com website belongs to the type of e-commerce. Suning.com is a B2C e-commerce platform. Merchants can enter the platform to open online stores and sell their own products in a form similar to that of supermarkets. Enjoy Suning's unified marketing and promotion Suning.com provides merchants with free on-site promotion services such as page display and popular recommendations, as well as off-site promotion services including search engine optimization and email advertising, which simplifies the marketing process of merchants and makes them Just focus on merchandising. Suning.com is a B2C comprehensive online shopping platform founded by Suning Appliance, which now covers traditional home appliances, 3C appliances, daily necessities and other major categories. This concludes the introduction of Surin.com and the official flagship store of Surin.com. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Surin.com ➣ Surin.com Official Flagship Store



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