of the moral lessons, truisms though these may be, which

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abandoned to the Arabs, Monsieur de Serizy was left wounded under a

of the moral lessons, truisms though these may be, which

dead horse. Oscar, discovering this, called out to the squadron:

of the moral lessons, truisms though these may be, which

"Messieurs, it is going to death, but we cannot abandon our colonel."

of the moral lessons, truisms though these may be, which

He dashed upon the enemy, and his electrified soldiers followed him.

The Arabs, in their first astonishment at this furious and unlooked-

for return, allowed Oscar to seize the viscount, whom he flung across

his horse, and carried off at full gallop,--receiving, as he did so,

two slashes from yataghans on his left arm.



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