horns, and skin of a buffalo, and mimic, in ludicrous burlesque,

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francs to repair his loss. The kind-hearted creature went to sleep

horns, and skin of a buffalo, and mimic, in ludicrous burlesque,

after charging her maid to carry the little note to Desroches' office

horns, and skin of a buffalo, and mimic, in ludicrous burlesque,

before seven o'clock in the morning. Godeschal, on his side, getting

horns, and skin of a buffalo, and mimic, in ludicrous burlesque,

up at six and finding that Oscar had not returned, guessed what had

happened. He took the five hundred francs from his own little hoard

and rushed to the Palais, where he obtained a copy of the judgment and

returned in time to lay it before Desroches by eight o'clock.

Meantime Desroches, who always rose at four, was in his office by



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