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This article tells you about the mobile phone recharge center and the corresponding knowledge points of China Unicom mobile phone recharge center. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site oh. A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to recharge the bus card money on the mobile phone 2. Where is the mobile phone Taobao recharge center? 3. Which platform can I find for the shopping card recycling service? How to recharge the bus card money on the mobile phone Click the recharge center mobile phone recharge center, open the local bus card APP mobile phone recharge center, click recharge center; click NFC recharge, in the recharge center, click NFC recharge; remember the bus card, put the bus card in the On the back of the phone, remember the bus card; pay now, select the recharge amount, and click pay now. Taking the Apple mobile phone as an example, the method of charging the bus card on the mobile phone is the mobile phone recharge center: first click the wallet on the desktop, and then click the wallet function, and then you can recharge. Then select the exclamation mark in the lower right corner, and then you can directly set up the recharge. At present, if you want to recharge the bus card on the mobile phone, the mobile phone needs the NFC payment function. If you don’t have this function, you can’t use your mobile phone to recharge, you can only recharge at offline bus service outlets. Confirm that the phone has turned on NFC, and then you need to turn on NFC in WeChat or Alipay. After turning on the "NFC" function, stick the bus card to the top of the back of the phone with the top of the card facing up, as shown in the figure below. The card is close to the phone and does not move. At this time, a selection operation will pop up on the phone interface. Choose the following methods to recharge. For example, select the "WeChat" function and click "WeChat" to enter. First, open the Alipay app on your mobile phone, and tap the select more icon. In Convenience Life, click the Select City Card icon. Then you will be prompted to put the card into the NFC sensing area on the back of the phone. After placing the bus card in the NFC sensing area, the current amount of the bus card will be automatically recognized. First open the phone interface, and then click the "WeChat" icon on the phone interface. Then, in the opened WeChat interface, click the "Mobile Recharge Center Me" option, and then click the "Payment" option. In the opened "My Wallet" interface, click the "Life Payment" option. Where is the mobile Taobao recharge center? 1. Where is the Taobao recharge center? Open the mobile phone recharge center of Taobao app, and click [Recharge Center] on the top of the homepage to enter. After entering the recharge center page, the mobile phone recharge center can recharge phone bills and traffic. In the mobile phone recharge center in the more service items column, you can also recharge water, electricity and coal bills. 2. The specific steps of Taobao recharge are as follows: first, open the Taobao app in the mobile phone. After opening Taobao, click on the following page and click "Recharge Center". Click the recharge center to jump to the following page, enter the mobile phone number to be recharged, select the corresponding amount to recharge, and then click "Recharge Now". 3. Open the Taobao homepage and click My Taobao in the mobile recharge center. After entering the page, click Member Center. As shown in the figure, you have entered the member center. Taobao Introduction Taobao is an official mobile application software produced by Taobao.com, which integrates its group buying products Tmall, Juhuasuan, and Taobao Mall as one. 4. Recently, the recharge center on the mobile phone Taobao App homepage has been launched. During the period from February 5th to February 21st, the recharge center of the App Stote column, mobile phone Taobao will hold the first recharge event of the App Store, and the maximum will be 15%, that is, rebates 132 yuan. Where can I find a shopping card recycling service platform? 1. Xianyu: This is a second-hand trading platform for mobile phone recharge centers under Alibaba. There are many sellers on it that provide JD e-card recycling mobile phone recharge center services. You can find the corresponding sellers by searching for "Jingdong e-card recycling". Senior Xianyu: This is a professional e-card recycling platform with a good reputation and service quality. 2. Compared with the current RT-Mart shopping card recycling platform, Jinghuishou is still a better one. The old platform has been operating for many years, has rich experience in card coupon recycling and fast verification channels, and the recycling operation is simple and easy to understand. It is a good choice to recycle RT-Mart shopping cards. 3. The first step, wx search for the mobile phone recharge center of the official account of Duomi card collection; the second step, select the type of card to be recycled; the third step, submit the corresponding card number card code; the fourth step, withdraw cash to WeChat or Alipay. 4. You can use the Shake platform to recycle, you can also use Xianyu to recycle JD.COM cards, and you can also use JD.COM E cards to recycle. In the past, there were special recycling shops on the Internet, but now the Internet is relatively developed, and JD.COM electronic card recycling can be carried out directly online. For example, Taotao Collection, a WeChat public platform, is a professional recycling platform. 5.) Third-party platforms: Some third-party platforms also provide shopping card recycling services. Customers can sell their shopping cards through these platforms, and the platform will return the amount to the customer's account according to a certain percentage. 6. First of all, as a user, when recycling or selling gift cards, you must put "safe transaction" in an important position. Also the user experience when recycling a gift card. After all, users are on an unfamiliar recycling platform and don't know how to recycle gift cards. This is the end of the introduction about the mobile phone recharge center and China Unicom mobile phone recharge center. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Mobile phone recharge center➻China Unicom mobile phone recharge center



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