the costume of his sect, meeting him, ordered him, in a

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women of fashion. Therefore, gentleman of the lower courts," he added,

the costume of his sect, meeting him, ordered him, in a

with notarial assumption, "you will have to behave yourselves, and

the costume of his sect, meeting him, ordered him, in a

carry your wine like the seigneurs of the Regency."

the costume of his sect, meeting him, ordered him, in a

"Hurrah!" cried the office like one man. "Bravo! very well! vivat!

"What's all this about?" asked Desroches, coming out from his private

office. "Ah! is that you, Georges? I know what you are after; you want

So saying, he withdrew into his own room, calling Oscar after him.

"Here," he said, opening his cash-box, "are five hundred francs. Go to



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