Locke Kingdom's first-hand skills➻Locke Kingdom's skill sequence mechanism

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of the Locke Kingdom's first-hand skills, and will also explain the Locke Kingdom's skill sequence mechanism. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now , don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of content in this article: 1. What does the Locke Kingdom mean as an initiative + 1? 2. What powerful initiative skills does the Locke Kingdom have? 3. What are the initiation skills of the Locke Kingdom? The kingdom is a first move +1. What does it mean? Under normal circumstances, the side that plays the "first move" takes the initiative, and the side that plays the "second move" is passive. If a certain part can get a "first move" no matter which way it goes, it is called "two first moves" or "two first moves". The first hand here probably means the same thing. -. If the opponent is faster than you and has the same skill as your preemption (such as using preemption +1 at the same time), then the opponent will make the move first. Do you understand the first skill of the Locke Kingdom? I wish you a happy game. Question 10. First move skill of the Rock Kingdom: What does the first move +3 on the Locke Kingdom skill table mean? The first move is a skill that ignores speed. I have never heard of those who get first move +3 or above, at most they can only get first move +2. Locke Kingdom Initiative Skills Encyclopedia Initiative +1 Skill: High Pressure Jet: Water Physical Attack, Power 40, PP20! Know yourself and know your enemy: cute magic attack, power 80, PP15. Go first and add 1. When winter is coming, remove the negative reinforcement first and steal PP value, and then launch a powerful attack, which will consume the berserk state to increase the power (the berserk state must be a critical strike). Dark Curse, which provides life recovery and abnormal resistance. When the PP of this skill is 0, the pet will go berserk, strengthening the next exclusive skill. What are the powerful first-hand skills in the Kingdom of Locke? Fighting cool cat, the speed is not bad, it can control the field, it can attack, and its magic attack is high. Treasure Digging: Earth type, power 60, pp25 to increase physical attack. The power is slightly lower than Wind Strike, but it can be used first, and the earth-type skills have a wider range of restraint. The power of arc electric system is 90 pp20 Coola's most practical skill, must hit + first move. It is also the most powerful initiative skill at present. Treasure digging. Soil system 60. And it can increase the speed. Guagua Family Gushang Sao Mudouding will be 2, know yourself and the enemy. Meng Department 80. Water polo ball. The first mover in the first mover can attack 3 before the first mover skill Earth Forgiveness is activated. The speed hits the normal series at 80. Elk and Sonic Dog have this skill 4, electric arc. What are the initiating skills of the Locke Kingdom/Electric spark: electric skill, power 65, PP20, has a certain chance to anesthetize the opponent. Bending Spoon: Cute skill, power 0, PP15, reduces the opponent's hit rate. Lightning Fist: Electric skill, power 75, PP15, has a certain chance to anesthetize the opponent. Discharge: electric skill, power 80, PP15, has a certain chance to anesthetize the opponent. Coola's most practical skill, must hit + first move. It is also the most powerful initiative skill at present. The Forgiveness of the Earth skill is an initiative skill, and the skill time limit is two rounds. The first round is a mandatory first move, that is, no matter what skills the opponent uses or how fast, Earth Forgiveness will take the lead. Even if the opponent also uses the first skill, it will be the same, and the opponent will miss 100% in the first round. Weak and Powerless: Greatly reduce the opponent's PP value and attack power, +1 for initiative. Vs08 Mutation: Weaken the enemy's virus, the stronger the enemy's resistance, the more serious the injury, the speed of the move Vs23 Smallpox: Cause a lot of fixed damage to the enemy, receive the bonus of abnormal and negative enhancements on the enemy, +1 for the initiative. Arc power 90 PP20 must hit + first hand. Coola's most practical skill is also currently the most powerful initiative skill. Ghost type (more floating damage skills): shadow ball/magic bite power 80 PP15 has a certain chance to reduce the opponent's magic resistance level. The highest power magic attack skill of the ghost system, there is no skill with 120 power at present. 1. Hello, the skills of the ghost king and the skill stone just updated today do not have the first skill. The following is the skill stone Nether Guardian: move speed 8 power 90 pp10 If you go first, increase the magic attack level by 2, if you go second, restore 150 HP to yourself. 2. Skill stone effect: ghost type, initiative +2, no power. PP5, magical attack, no abnormal state will appear for 3 rounds, when attacked by the enemy within 3 rounds, the opponent will be paralyzed. Currently out of print and unavailable. 3. The ghost system changes the first hand +3 non-necessary and non-foggy weather to fear the enemy. If the enemy is immune to fear, it will increase its own magic attack by two levels. If it is in foggy weather, clear the foggy weather first and then reflect the damage effect of the enemy's backhand skills. This skill miss cannot trigger any effect. Dementia curse. This is the end of the introduction about the first-hand skills of the Locke Kingdom and the first move mechanism of the Locke Kingdom skills. Did you find the information you need? 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Locke Kingdom's first-hand skills➻Locke Kingdom's skill sequence mechanism



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