on him, was serving in a bank, at a small salary. The family,

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five clerks and I, work as hard as a dozen ordinary fellows. But in

on him, was serving in a bank, at a small salary. The family,

ten years I'll have the finest practice in Paris. In my office,

on him, was serving in a bank, at a small salary. The family,

business and clients are a passion, and that's beginning to make

on him, was serving in a bank, at a small salary. The family,

itself felt. I took Godeschal from Derville, where he was only just

made second clerk. He gets a thousand francs a year from me, and food

and lodging. But he's worth it; he is indefatigable. I love him, that

fellow! He has managed to live, as I did when a clerk, on six hundred

francs a year. What I care for above all is honesty, spotless



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