Men become hard➣The reasons for hardening

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This article will tell you about men becoming hard and the corresponding knowledge points about the reasons for hardening. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. Why do male penises get unprovoked erections? 3 kinds of food make your penis harder and harder 2. How to make men harder (men’s hardness improvement plan—deep dry goods) 3. Why do boys become harder/ 4. What’s the matter with men’s abnormal hardness? The harm caused by men’s abnormal hardness 5. Under what circumstances will men be hard? 6. Why men will be hard and why male penises will get erections for no reason. If you want the penis to be harder after erection, it is recommended to eat more foods that strengthen the yang and nourish the kidney, such as beef, mutton, fish and shrimp, etc., you can increase the intake of food such as animal offal, and you can also eat more wolfberries, which can play a role in erectile dysfunction. It has the effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, and has a certain effect on improving the hardness of the penis after erection. 2. You can usually eat more foods that have the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening essence, such as soft-shelled turtle, pork loin, oysters, and chestnuts. 3. Eat some yams, animal livers, leeks, eggs, fish and shrimps, oysters with high protein content, etc. Don’t ignore the importance of exercise, pay attention to coordination and skills when extending the time, and then you can discuss it with your wife Buy an Airis and use it, it usually takes more than 20 minutes. 4. As we all know, the weak erection of the penis is related to its anatomical structure and physiological function. After adolescents enter puberty, due to the awakening of sexual consciousness and the activation of sexual psychology, they will have certain sexual impulses and desires. The number of erections varies with age. How to make a man hard (Men's Hardness Improvement Program——Deep dry goods) Strengthen the penis response Men become hard, train the penis to twitch freely up and down Press down on the penis so that it is almost upright, then place your fingertips on the penis and feel its response. While closing the anus, push the penis up. Repeat this action for about a minute. What to do if a man’s hardness is not good? Insufficiency is an unspeakable secret that plagues many men. To stay away from infirmity, we can not only rely on drugs, but also some foods in the diet that can make men easily get rid of infirmity. Strengthen the muscles that control ejaculation, interrupt the outflow of urine or hold back urine to make the man harden You feel where these muscles are, and then take "Kegel exercises" to exercise these parts, that is, exercises that contract the buttocks and pelvic floor muscles, After 10 seconds, relax and repeat several times. What to eat if your erection is not hard enough, what high-quality protein to eat if your erection is not hard enough. High-quality protein mainly refers to various animal foods, such as chicken, duck, fish, lean meat, and eggs, which can provide various amino acids needed for human sperm production. The most basic thing is to lose weight and exercise more, especially the leg muscles. Exercise methods to enhance erection hardness Men harden: First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the exercise to increase the body muscle content, especially the exercise to improve the pelvic floor muscles, such as squats, push-ups and other methods. Secondly, through the levator ani movement, the arterial blood supply and venous return of the penis are increased, and the muscle exercise of the perineum is improved at the same time. Why does the boy's side become hard/The penis becomes hard because the blood presses the inner wall of the penis, which is called "erection". Adult men have an erection about every few minutes when they sleep at night, and the last erection often occurs in the early morning. Sometimes one of these erections wakes up, perhaps trying to urinate, and goes to the toilet while still erect. Boys will be hard below, which is usually what we call erection. Male erection is a normal physiological response. Under the action of some visual, auditory, imaginative, sexual stimulation or drugs, due to the secretion of the male nervous system center and some hormones, the excitement of the erectile nerve of the penis increases. Hardening is the erection of the penis. After adolescents enter puberty, due to the awakening of sexual consciousness and the emergence of sexual psychology, they will have certain sexual impulses and desires. What’s the matter with men’s abnormal stiffness? Harm caused by abnormal stiffness of men If your man’s hardened body has such symptoms of men’s stiffness, it’s likely to be due to a disease in the lumbar spine, such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar hyperplasia, muscle strain, etc., which will lead to The lower back of the body is stiff. If such symptoms occur, it is necessary to check in time to distinguish the cause of the stiffness in the waist, and then carry out symptomatic treatment. First of all, this kind of situation always occurs, which may have a certain impact on the male's erectile function, and may cause erectile dysfunction in later life, so it is recommended not to always have this kind of situation. It depends on the length of the duration. If it exceeds 10 hours, it will cause fibrosis of the cavernous body of the penis and lead to necrosis. Under what circumstances will men be hard 1. After ejaculation, the sympathetic nerves are excited to release smooth muscle contraction substances, the penile cavernous blood sinus is closed, and the penis will become weak. 2. The male reproductive organs are mainly composed of cavernous tissue, and the general erection will be: when you wake up in the morning, it will be hard, which is called morning erection! Another one is like what you said when hugging a woman, the premise is that the woman you like or is sexy, if you want to hug someone you don't like, it's a disgusting thing. 3. Don’t believe him saying that it’s painful if he doesn’t have sex, and don’t sacrifice the psychology of not wanting to satisfy him just to express how much you love him when you don’t want to. I am not against sex with love, against sex that cheats and takes advantage of a lover's heart. 4. There are many reasons why men are easy to be hard, including physical and psychological factors. Here are some possible reasons: Physiological factors: Men's physical characteristics determine that they are more likely to have erections. Men's penis has a large number of nerve endings that can feel stimulation and excitement. 5. The penis becomes hard due to the pressure of blood on the inner wall of the penis. This condition is called "erection". Adult men have an erection about every few minutes when they sleep at night, and the last erection often occurs in the early morning. 6. When does a man’s bottom usually harden? When doing intimate actions, a man’s bottom is stimulated by hormones, the brain can’t help but harden up There are two spring tides and two neap tides during the day. Why do men get hard 1. The penis tends to be hard, which is more common in adolescent men who become hard. The main reasons are as follows: Young people have a lot of androgen secretion, strong sexual desire, and slight sexual stimulation of man hard can cause penis erection. Frequent exposure to pornographic books, periodicals, videos, etc. These text videos stimulate the brain to generate sexual desire and cause the penis to become hard. 2. A large amount of blood flows into the cavernous body of the penis, and the man becomes hard; the venous blood vessels constrict, and the blood flowing out of the cavernous body decreases. In this way, the blood is fully retained in the rich blood vessels and sinusoids in the cavernous body to make the penis erect. This kind of erection that stimulates the cerebral cortex due to sight, hearing, and imagination, and acts on the penis is called spiritual erection. 3. Many men have erectile dysfunction, which is a relatively common type of male sexual dysfunction. The common cause of male erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood supply to the cavernous body. 4. Why do men get erections? Men's erections are a normal physiological phenomenon. Men's erections are caused by some sexual stimulation. Erections are a form of expression. This is the end of the introduction about men's hardening and the reasons for hardening. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Men become hard➣The reasons for hardening



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