spare from your salary the sum of $5, I wish you would

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"You've taken to private diplomacy," he said; "for what difference is

spare from your salary the sum of $5, I wish you would

there between a lawyer and an ambassador? only that between a nation

spare from your salary the sum of $5, I wish you would

and an individual. Ambassadors are the attorneys of Peoples. If I can

spare from your salary the sum of $5, I wish you would

ever be useful to you, let me know."

"Well," said Oscar, "I'll admit to you now that you once did me a very

"Pooh!" said Georges, after listening to the explanation for which he

asked; "it was Monsieur de Serizy who behaved badly. His wife! I

wouldn't have her at any price; neither would I like to be in the



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