their own or the social mental standards of virtue, propriety,

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Last September she married her niece, Mademoiselle du Rouvre, on whom,

their own or the social mental standards of virtue, propriety,

since the death of her son, she spends all her affection, to a very

their own or the social mental standards of virtue, propriety,

rich young Pole, the Comte Laginski."

their own or the social mental standards of virtue, propriety,

"To whom," asked Madame Clapart, "will Monsieur de Serizy's property

"To his wife, who will bury him," replied Georges. "The countess is

still fine-looking for a woman of fifty-four years of age. She is very

elegant, and, at a little distance, gives one the illusion--"

"She will always be an illusion to you," said Leger, who seemed



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