ignorance and the squeamishness prevalent in regard to

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sister, Mademoiselle Husson, with an enormous dowry for those days,

ignorance and the squeamishness prevalent in regard to

which enabled him to make a large fortune in the silk trade. I think

ignorance and the squeamishness prevalent in regard to

he might, perhaps, place you with Monsieur Camusot, his successor and

ignorance and the squeamishness prevalent in regard to

son-in-law, in the rue des Bourdonnais. But, you see, your uncle

Cardot has four children. He gave his establishment, the Cocon d'Or,

to his eldest daughter, Madame Camusot; and though Camusot has

millions, he has also four children by two wives; and, besides, he

scarcely knows of our existence. Cardot has married his second



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