Age are reflected with grotesque truth and mirth, grim

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had won the attention of heaven when she saved the life of Monsieur

Age are reflected with grotesque truth and mirth, grim

Clapart, who, thanks to her devotion, lived on to torture her; but she

Age are reflected with grotesque truth and mirth, grim

chose to see, in the tyranny of that imbecile mind, a trial inflicted

Age are reflected with grotesque truth and mirth, grim

by the hand of one who loveth while he chasteneth.

Oscar, meantime, behaved so well that in 1830 he was first sergeant of

the company of the Vicomte de Serizy, which gave him the rank of sub-

lieutenant of the line. Oscar Husson was by that time twenty-five

years old. As the Royal Guard, to which his regiment was attached, was



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