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This article will talk about Brave Game Game Tower and the knowledge points corresponding to Brave Game Game Tower buttons. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. Where are the two hidden red keys of the magic tower? 2. How to play the hidden ending of the magic tower on the 21st floor? 3. How to get to the 50th floor of the magic tower 4. How to pass the 23rd floor of the magic tower 5. 5 of the magic tower , How to go to the 9th and 11th floors? Where are the two hidden red keys of the magic tower? The second one: all the monsters in the 8 right yellow gates on the 34th floor are eliminated, and 1 red and 4 yellows appear. [Expanded content] "Magic Tower" is a strategy RPG game with fixed values. The first one is behind the blue door on the 14th floor where there are three beast warriors. After killing the three beast warriors, a red key will appear. The second one is in a wall on the 34th floor. You need to kill the monsters in the next eight doors, and then a red key and four yellow keys will appear. The merchant in the upper left corner of the floor can buy the red key. The second war zone: 14th floor: There are three orc warriors behind a blue door in the room in the upper left corner. When you destroy it, a wall collapses, and there is a red key inside. On the 14th floor, you can get the red key by killing the 3 orc warriors in the upper left corner. How to play the hidden ending of the 21st floor magic tower? First get the cross key in the middle of the 7th floor and give it to the fairy at the initial position of the game. The level 20 leading to the 21st floor will be opened. Giving the cross to the fairy will make your attack and defense , blood value increased by 30%, the later the time, the more benefits. Steps to pass the 21st floor of the Magic Tower: Players first get the cross in the middle of the 20th floor. The fairy at the initial position of the game receives the cross, and the 21st floor level will open and hand the cross to the fairy. The player's attack, defense, and blood value will all increase by 30%. The later you pay, the more you earn. The steps are as follows (1) 21st to 30th floors: 21F: Talk to the old man. 23F: Knock out all the walls (otherwise the thieves on 29F will not be able to complete the work), it is "GO 0F" (lucky gold coin), pay attention to the firmness of "F" to the end, and talk to the old man. 27F: Don't talk nonsense with that old man. The ultimate boss of the magic tower on the first floor has an attack of 2250 and a defense of 1800, so you can defeat him as long as the defense reaches 2250 and the attack exceeds 1800. The Raiders of Layer Demon Tower! Floor 1: Hit the three enemies above, take the yellow key, then go down and open the yellow door on the left to hit the skeleton at the door, pick up rubies, blood bottles and yellow keys, and then go straight to the third floor. How to get to the 50th floor of the magic tower 1. Defeat the monsters in the early stage, increase the attack power and defense power to pass the level, as shown in the figure below. Go to the 35th floor to defeat the dragon, get ice magic, and then go to the 26th floor to rescue the false princess, as shown in the picture below. Go to the 24th floor and use the red key to open the door and go up, as shown in the picture below. You can enter the 50th floor, as shown in the figure below. 2. For more strategies on the 50th floor of the Magic Tower, please click: The 50th Floor of the Magic Tower Raiders 01 Floor: Pick up the yellow key, open the yellow door and kill three slimes from the right, and go to the 02 floor. Floor 02: go straight down to floor 03. Floor 03: Walking forward to trigger the plot, locked in floor 02. 3. The 50th floor strategy guide of the magic tower: 1-10 floors, 11-20 floors, 21-30 floors, 31-40 floors, 41-50 floors. Go to the item and pick it up automatically, and the yellow, blue, and red doors will collide and open (the corresponding color key will be consumed). 4. The Japanese Yuanzu Magic Tower is up to you, use it as you want, usually dig a hole on the 40th floor and open it one by one to save a red key, or tear down the wall on the 44th floor without bombing the senior guards and keep the bombs to play Chinese Sinicization The 50-story flash magic tower that has passed can only keep the 48-story to take the holy sword. 5. The 50th floor of the classic magic tower, the first step of the clearance strategy of the ancient 42-50th floor: take double shields. 6. The difficulty from the 50th floor to the 10th floor is not as difficult as the 10th floor. The main reason is the holy sword mentioned by the editor. Yes, it is on the 13th floor, so it will take time to go back. Come and follow the editor to see the magic tower 50 How to pass the 41st to 50th floors. 41F: Use the aircraft on the same floor to fly to the stairs below and go upstairs. How to pass the 23rd floor of the magic tower? Knock all the walls on the 23rd floor and break through the game magic tower. After the collision, it will read GO OF. After talking with the thief for the first time, go downstairs and then go upstairs again, the dialogue can break open the dark wall on the 23rd floor, the vertical of GO OF (lucky gold coin) F is the bottom, the player may have neglected this point. All the dark walls on the first floor were knocked out, with the words GO OF, so that the thief on the 29th floor could complete the work. Pay attention to the game magic tower: the F-shaped wall must be connected to the bottom, and the G-shaped wall must be bent to the left. At this time, you can go up to the 29th floor in Bravely Climb the Game Magic Tower, and there will be absolutely no problem. Bravely Climb the Game Tower, he said that because you are his friend, he will let you use the secret tunnel he dug. Hit the word Go 0F on the first floor (note the last horizontal line of G), go upstairs to the 29th floor, talk to the thief to open a secret passage, and knock down a group of balls on the 30th floor. Note that if the 29th floor is not opened for you, it must be that the 23rd floor wall has not been hit, go back and check. There is no need to hit the wall on the right side of the stairs. Go straight to the 23rd floor. After lighting up the Buddha logo, there will be an exit. In fact, what GOOF means is to go to the 0th floor, so that the thief on the 29th floor will finish. In fact, the hint is these hidden walls. After hitting them, the thief will help the player dig the way. How to go to the 5th, 9th, and 11th floors of the magic tower? F: Go to the 10th floor and go to the left side of the game magic tower, enter the yellow door to brave the game magic tower, and fight the big slime [L=336] Bravely enter the game magic tower, go back to the 14th floor and go upstairs directly. 15F: Go right through the yellow gate, hit the bat [no damage], go up through two yellow gates, hit the big bat [L=236], go right through the yellow gate and hit the big slime [L=196], talk to the thief , down to the 12th floor. The 50th floor of the classic magic tower, the first step of the clearance strategy of the ancient 1-10th floor: take the sword and shield. For more strategies on the 50th floor of the Magic Tower, please click: The complete collection of strategies on the 50th floor of the Magic Tower. The 38/3813 floor passes directly. That is the holy sword, and I can't get it now. In the middle of the 14th floor, the yellow door protruding from the game tower is opened, and there is a dark wall below it, which can be opened to go upstairs. Kill green slimes on the 06th floor, open the yellow door to kill little bats, eat red blood +50, buy blue keys from merchants (money 50), and talk to merchants (the magic tower has 50 floors in total, and every 10 floors is an area. If you don't defeat the boss in this area, you can't go to a higher place. After that, you can buy a red key from the old man on the 5th floor. In the store on the 11th floor: spend 100 yuan to buy 4000HP, 20 points of attack, 20 points Defense. Floor: next to the jewel on the 9th floor, 7th floor: take the sword on the 17th floor and go down, 8th floor: turn the princess into a green slime on the 25th floor, use the random door 9th floor: open from the 22nd floor 4 logic gates on the 10th floor: There are 7 random doors on the 10th floor of the main tower. This is the end of the introduction of the Brave Game Magic Tower. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don't forget to search for information about the game Magic Tower on this site.

Brave Game Tower ➻ Brave Game Tower Button



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