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This article will talk about weight query and the knowledge points corresponding to domain name weight query. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Aso optimization platform ranking 2. Where to check the weight of Douyin 3. Where to check the weight of Douyin? Aso optimization platform ranking 1. ASO optimization is actually somewhat similar to SEO optimization. Words can be ranked and searched by users. ASO keyword optimization is an important direction for the entire APP to improve the coverage of words. Here, keywords are mainly described from three aspects: language, keyword selection and optimization frequency. 2. ASO is the abbreviation of "App Store Optimization". ASO (App store Optimization) is the process of improving your app's ranking in various app store/market rankings and search results. Similar to the optimization of ordinary websites for search engines, that is, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization. 3. ASO is the abbreviation of “Application Store Search Optimization”; it refers to the process of improving App rankings and search results rankings in each application market. 4. ASO optimization mainly refers to the process of improving App rankings in application markets and search results. Application Several factors such as the title, keywords, description, retention rate, number of comments, downloads, etc. will affect the ranking of the APP in the application market. A good title and high keyword coverage are very important for ASO optimization. 5 、 Chinese means app store optimization, which optimizes various factors of the app in the app store to improve the search ranking and list performance of the app in the app store, so as to get more exposure and downloads. Where is the weight of Douyin? 1. Open WeChat weight query, click "Discovery" at the bottom. Then find the "Mini Program" column and click to enter. Then click the search icon weight query in the upper right corner, and enter "Dou Da Ren" to search for this mini program. 2 , Copy the account home page link, take the query weight to query other people's accounts as an example. Open the "Shaking Master Go to the watermark to check the weight" applet, and find it through the satellite "Shaking Master". After pasting the home page link into the applet, click Check Weight. Display the weight score, so that you know the weight of your own account. 3. The method of Douyin weight viewing is as follows Weight query: Open [WeChat], click [Search] in the upper right corner. Enter [Doujixia Platform] to search, click to enter [Doudoxia platform official account]. Click [Follow the official account]. Then enter [Account Valuation]. Click [Read the original text] and wait for the page to jump. 4. Step 1: Open Dou Daren and go to the watermark to check the weight is small Program, weight query can be found in WeChat search. Step 2: Paste the link of the Douyin homepage that needs to be queried into the applet and click to check the weight. You can also see the weight score in the query results. Note: the account weight is 30-40 Left and right are normal, and it is normal for the new number to be low by about 20. Where can I check the weight of Douyin? 1. Open WeChat, click "Discover" at the bottom. Then find the "Mini Program" column and click it. Then click Search in the upper right corner icon, after entering, enter "Dou Daren" to search for this applet. 2. The method of checking the weight of Douyin is as follows: Open [WeChat], click [Search] in the upper right corner. Enter [Doujixia Platform] to search, and click to enter [ Douyin Platform Official Account]. Click [Follow the Official Account]. Then enter [Account Valuation]. Click [Read the original text] and wait for the page to jump. 3. The weight of Douyin can be queried with the "Dou Daren" applet. The following is the query process. Open the "Dou Daren go to the watermark to check the weight" applet, and you can find it by searching on WeChat. Open the Douyin app, copy the video link. Paste the video link into the applet, and click to check the weight. 4. Check yourself Douyin weighting method Open WeChat, click to search for the "Douyin" applet, enter the page, enter the Douyin nickname or ID account, you can check the weight level, and you can also learn about the trend of increasing followers. 5. Software version: WeChat v0. 15 Open WeChat, click [Discovery], click [Mini Program], then search for Douyin, and enter your own Douyin account to view it. Summary: Open WeChat, click Discover, click the applet to search Douda, enter your Douyin account to view, click the account number and pull down to see the weight score. That’s all for the introduction of weight query. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about domain name weight query and weight query, don’t forget to search on this site.

Weight Query ➬Domain Name Weight Query



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