youth will obtain the notice to which he is certainly well

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"old screw" in the eyes of his protegee; but as he had the sense to

youth will obtain the notice to which he is certainly well

see that a danseuse at the Gaiete had a certain rank to maintain, he

youth will obtain the notice to which he is certainly well

raised the monthly stipend to five hundred francs, for which, although

youth will obtain the notice to which he is certainly well

he did not again become an angel, he was, at least, a "friend for

life," a second father. This was his silver age.

From 1820 to 1823, Florentine had the experience of every danseuse of

nineteen to twenty years of age. Her friends were the illustrious

Mariette and Tullia, leading ladies of the Opera, Florine, and also



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