Nose Comprehension ➬Five Kinds of Prosperous Nose Diagrams

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of Nose Comprehension, which will also explain the five kinds of wealthy nose diagrams. If you can happen to solve the problem you are facing now Don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of contents of this article: 1. The fortune of the face of the nose? 2. The graphic analysis of the fate of the nose? 3. The physiognomy of the nose 4. The fortune of the nose? A person with a big nose and a narrow face looks at a person with a big nose and a narrow nose, which will make people look like they can only see their nose but not their face. Therefore, the ancients called it "solitary peak alone towering". ", no matter how high you are and how rich you are, you can't get rid of the fate of loneliness and emptiness. 2. If the nose looks good and the fortune is accurate, the head is fat and stretched or fat and sagging, which means greedy and lustful, strong material desire, easy to disguise. The nose is drooping and curved, which is a greedy face, and he is good at disguising himself, and looks like a gentleman. People with upturned nostrils have difficulty collecting money, cannot control the desire to spend money, and cannot live within their means. 3. People with small noses are thoughtful and sensitive, conservative and peaceful, hesitant to act, less ambitious, and the fortune is relatively flat in middle age. Men need to work harder, and women need marriage and love. A little bit laggy. 4. Analysis of your life fortune by nose. You can get help from noble people in the matters you deal with, so people with good noses generally live a happy life. 5. In facial appearance, Huyang nose is a very rare nose shape, and it is also a very auspicious nose shape. People born with bearded noses are shrewd and capable. Although they start from scratch, they can become rich and powerful. It can be said that they want to be famous, profit and benefit, and their wives are glorious. 6. In addition, people with this kind of nose tend to be greedy for petty gains, so it is difficult to make great progress in wealth luck. Diagram analysis of nose and face to see fate? Nose and face diagram: nose and face to see life fortune. People with big nose and narrow face will make people look like they only see their nose but not their face. Therefore, the ancients used it It is called "solitary peak towering alone", no matter how high you are and how rich you are, you can't get rid of the fate of loneliness and emptiness. [Dog nose] The root of the dog nose is relatively prominent, but the nose is generally short. Generally, this kind of nose usually indicates a more miserable face, so we have to resolve it in time. The nose is the pillar of a person's face, and it is the middle mountain among the five mountains of facial features. It can not only be used to see one's luck in the past 41-50 years old, but also to see one's fortune in life. A woman's nose also represents her husband's face, that is, through the nose, you can see how the woman's "husband star" is. People with big noses are decisive, energetic, courageous and capable, with a slightly speculative attitude. He has a good mind and is willing to work hard, but has strong self-esteem and a lot of power. He has a wide range of friends and saves face, and spares no effort in pursuing wealth. Female face fortune-telling diagram: Nose Face female nose 1: The root of the mountain is low-lying and concave, and the female is passionate. Generally speaking, the root of the mountain is the place where the nose rises between the eyebrows. The low, sunken females of the Yamane region are generally less aggressive, lazy, and may seek out multiple men for stimulation. Nose Physiognomy 1. Each of us has a nose. The nose occupies a very important position in the facial features. The nose also has a lot of meanings in physiognomy. Different nose shapes represent different fates and so on. So how do we see the face from the nose? Let's take a look at the nose in this issue. 2. Huyang nose The specific characteristics of this type of nose are large nose shape, plump head, even though the wings of the nose are not too big, the left and right sides are well-proportioned, the bridge of the nose is straight and fleshy, and the roots are not sunken. In facial appearance, Huyang nose is a very rare nose shape, and it is also a very auspicious nose shape. 3. Greek nose The Greek nose is a very good nose in facial features. As long as men and women have a Greek nose, their marriage, wealth and career will be very good. It is a very rich and blessed face. 4. Thin and narrow nose with fleshy nose Although the nose is thin and narrow, it is plump and fleshy, and the wings of the nose are fuller. People of this type work hard in the early stage, but their fortune will get better and better, and the economy will also improve accordingly. The appearance of the nose is such that the nose is round and large, the bridge of the nose is relatively high, and the wings of the nose are relatively ordinary. Such people are generally rich and powerful. Li Ka-shing and others are representative figures. Water-shaped nose, short and full bulbous nose. Such people have shorter noses, shorter life expectancy, and larger and plump nose wings. A person with a full and powerful nose, especially developed at the lower third of the bridge of the nose, has keen intuition, kindness and a sense of justice, which belongs to the auspicious nose shape. Active and courageous, coupled with careful planning, no matter what you do, you can get good results. Exposed nostrils In terms of physiognomy, nostrils are a symbol of keeping money, and exposed nostrils indicate that money is exposed. Moreover, such people are competitive and self-willed, and it is useless for others to dissuade them from what they think is right. He always wants to accomplish things overnight, refuses to be down-to-earth, and does everything he can to achieve his goals, with deep scheming. There is a saying in physiognomy, that is, "ask the rich in the nose". Because the nasal palace is in charge of wealth and represents a person's wealth. Therefore, a person with good fortune must first have a good nose. Solitary Peak: The size of the nose should match the size of the face and the facial features. For example, if the cheekbones are low, the face is small, the forehead is flat, the cheeks are missing, but the nose is very plump, ancient books call it "Gufeng Dugong". This kind of person Not men and women, not only can't get together, but also has the risk of being ruined, especially for men who have no beard on the upper lip. This is the end of the introduction about the nose and the five kinds of rich and noble nose diagrams. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Nose Comprehension ➬Five Kinds of Prosperous Nose Diagrams



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