Men's Fertility Physical Examination ➣How long is the male fertility physical examination?

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of the male fertility physical examination, and it will also explain how long the male fertility physical examination takes. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget Follow this site and get started now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. Is male fertility examination normal? 2. General premarital physical examination, what items do men have? How much does it cost? 3. What are the male fertility examination items? What checks do men do before giving birth? What are the inspection items? What are the precautions for male pregnancy? Is male fertility inspection normal? Semen analysis: This inspection is helpful to understand male fertility and is a must-check item for infertility. The inspection includes color, volume, Liquefaction time, pH, sperm count, motility, viability and morphology. Maintain a healthy weight Nutritional deficiency or excess nutrition will affect the normal secretion of sex hormones in men, resulting in abnormal sperm, directly affecting male reproductive function and fertility. The semen test report is within the normal range. With the progress of society and the development of medicine, some adjustments have been made to the standards of semen. It is generally believed that the motility rate of sperm in normal semen should be above 60%, the density should not be less than 20 million per milliliter, the liquefaction time should be within half an hour, A+B should be greater than 50%, and the total amount should be between 2 and 6 milliliters. Male friends want to judge whether they have normal fertility, which cannot be detected by naked eyes. . The most important thing for men's pre-pregnancy examination is the semen examination: many male friends do not want to check because they think it is troublesome to take semen. It is true that masturbation is more troublesome to take semen for examination, but it is annoying and expensive compared with the wife's fertility examination. In comparison, semen examination is considered very convenient. Male fertility examination Semen routine examination is the most basic and important clinical index to determine male fertility. The parameters related to semen are the first thing doctors need to know. Patients should pay attention to: 2-7 days in different rooms for this test An examination of the male reproductive system. General pre-marital physical examination, what are the items for men? How much does it cost? 1. Internal medicine examination is a general physical examination. Genital examination is to discover genital diseases that affect marriage and childbearing. 2. What items are there in the pre-marital physical examination 1 What are the items in the pre-marital physical examination---male premarital examination items ask the man's medical history (1) Ask about the disease: see if there are infectious diseases, heart disease, nephritis, mental illness, genitourinary system and other diseases. 3. First of all, there are some general item inspections, that is, when we check the body, we need to do a checkup, such as body temperature, blood pressure, liver and kidney function, etc., mainly to rule out the possibility of serious diseases. 4. There are two types of fees. One is that there is a fee for premarital examination in a different place, and the fee is about 200-300 yuan (of course, there will be some differences in each region); the other is that the premarital examination project charges a corresponding fee. 5. Including blood and urine routine, hepatitis B surface antigen and some sexually transmitted diseases screening. According to the results of the examination, other auxiliary examinations are selected. If necessary, pathological examination, chromosome examination, etc. are required. For men, semen routine examination and spermatic vein color ultrasound examination are also necessary to understand the sperm quality and fertility of men. What are the male fertility examination items? What examinations should a man do before giving birth? Age is also an important factor in male fertility physical examination. For male fertility physical examination, the best childbearing age is 25-29 years old. In normal times, we must ensure regular men's fertility physical examination work and rest time, do not stay up late or smoke, adjust our emotions, and pay attention to the intake of protein, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. Contents of pre-pregnancy examination for men (1) General examination Men's reproductive health examination: such as height, weight, blood pressure Male reproductive health examination; internal medicine, surgery, ENT, oral cavity, ophthalmology. In addition to quitting smoking and drinking, male friends also need to undergo some physical examinations. It can also be used to check for varicocele. For patients with low semen volume and suspected distal vas deferens infarction, rectal B-ultrasound examination can also be performed. Alcohol-abstaining men drink a lot of alcohol for a long time. Alcohol will harm the spermatogenic cells in the testis, which will easily lead to sperm deformity. Alcohol will flow into the blood of the fetus and cause fetal dysplasia. It takes at least three months for a man to recover his sperm quality after being drunk. What are the pre-pregnancy examination items for men? What are the precautions for men during pregnancy preparation? The main items of pre-pregnancy examination for men include: blood routine, urine routine, chest X-ray, liver function, kidney function, semen examination, AIDS, syphilis and family genetic diseases. The past medical history is mainly to screen some factors that will affect the child's health. Male pregnancy preparation inspection items Inspection items: Semen inspection Inspection content: Check semen volume, color, viscosity, liquefaction, PH value and sperm density, activity rate, shape, etc. Inspection purpose: to predict in advance whether the semen is active or whether it is oligospermia or weak semen. Inspection method: Extract male semen for inspection. Semen test: The first thing a male friend needs to do to prepare for pregnancy is a semen test. Men's pregnancy preparation checks need to check whether these items are normal or up to standard: liver function, including hepatitis B, bile acid and blood sugar, to see if there is hepatitis or liver damage. The items that men need to check when preparing for pregnancy are as follows: Semen routine: Before the man of a married couple is preparing for pregnancy, the first inspection item is semen routine testing. Semen routine is the basic condition for judging whether a man is fertile. This is the end of the introduction about male fertility physical examination and male fertility physical examination. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Men's Fertility Physical Examination ➣How long is the male fertility physical examination?



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