had no charms for him. All his young enthusiasm was for

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Item: a dessert composed of eleven delicate dishes, among which we

had no charms for him. All his young enthusiasm was for

remarked (in spite of the tipsiness caused by sixteen bottles of

had no charms for him. All his young enthusiasm was for

the choicest wines) a compote of peaches of august and mirobolant

had no charms for him. All his young enthusiasm was for

The wines of Roussillon and those of the banks of the Rhone

completely effaced those of Champagne and Burgundy. A bottle of

maraschino and another of kirsch did, in spite of the exquisite

coffee, plunge us into so marked an oenological ecstasy that we

found ourselves at a late hour in the Bois de Boulogne instead of



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