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This article will talk about joining fabric art and the knowledge points corresponding to fabric franchise stores. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. What are the top ten brands of curtain fabric _ the top ten curtain fabric brand rankings 2. What matters should be paid attention to when joining curtain fabric 3. Which curtain brand to choose to join? 4. What are the shopping guides for fabric curtain stores? Tips for running a fabric curtain shop 5. Which top ten curtain brands to join in and attract investment? 6. Which brand of curtain fabric is the best fabric curtain brand? What are the top ten curtain fabric brands? Lectra Home Furnishing Fabric Co., Ltd., the No. 1 brand of curtain fabric in China), as the first domestic decorative fabric enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales, Molec pays great attention to the overall product development and design of fabrics, colors, crafts and styles. 2. Ten major brands of curtain Kangli: Kangli curtain fabric has been an advocator of high-grade individual life since its establishment. I understand that Kangli's personalized curtain fabric design will become more exciting and considerate. 3. The top ten curtain brand rankings are recommended below for your reference to make choices. Molike Molike pays attention to product research and development and design, and injects the beautiful charm of curtains into it. After years of development, it has gradually formed a very influential enterprise in the industry. 4. It is the number one brand among the top ten curtain brands, and has been well received by everyone. Otans was founded in 1990. After more than 20 years of development, it involves: decorative curtains, tourism, hotels, etc. Covering the world, with advanced production lines, the production line of finished curtains imported from Japan, the complete set of products is more complete. 5. Like a fish in water started in 1994, one of the top ten curtain brands, providing one-stop curtain customization services, a curtain and soft decoration customization enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, processing, and marketing services. What matters should be paid attention to when joining the curtain fabric art shop Tips for running a fabric art curtain shop So for entrepreneurs who want to make up their minds to invest in a fabric art curtain shop, it is best to have a certain degree of confidence in themselves, and also need to have the spirit of indomitable entrepreneurship, do not give up halfway . Personnel appointment: personnel appointment, staff recruitment and education and training. How to open a curtain shop to enter the market: product entry, display layout. Opening preparations: formulation of opening methods, preparation of opening gifts, and determination of opening advertising methods. Officially opened. First of all, you need to investigate. If you want to open a store, you must first have a clear understanding of the market, and you must shop around to see which product is more cost-effective. For the structural fabric of the curtain, it must be carefully inspected and tested repeatedly. If you want to shop, after choosing the area to open the shop, choose the address of the store. The address is mainly because of convenient transportation, large customer flow, and enough room for development. If you want to recommend a brand, you can choose a brand called Huicaiting Pinsu, which is not bad. It has its own factory, various product styles, high cost performance, and good service. Franchising brands, whether it is curtain fabrics or blinds, etc., franchisee brands are to help open curtain stores to promote and help stores accumulate popularity. Which curtain brand should you choose to join? 1. MOLIK brand was established in 1982. It is one of the well-known domestic curtain brands and a comprehensive enterprise that started curtain research and development, production and sales earlier in China. There are more than 400 specialty stores in the country, and the products have been well received by users, and enjoy the reputation of fabric curtain experts. 2. Otans HIGHTEX Otans is a well-known curtain fabric brand in Zhejiang. After more than 20 years of unremitting supply, its textiles/decorative fabrics have a high reputation among high-tech enterprises, and it is an excellent reputation. Fabric suppliers. 3. Kangli, the top ten franchised curtain brand, was established in 1998. Its curtains have a very unique decorative effect and become the favorite material library for consumers and designers. Advocate, the curtains it produces combined with personalized design, become more intimate life. 4. Jinchan JINCHAN, the brand of curtain fabric, is one of the top ten domestic fabric curtain brands and one of the most reliable curtain fabric brands. The company was established in 1988 and is the first brand-name product in Zhejiang that pioneered flower spraying technology. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of children's curtains, simple European curtains, European curtains and embroidered curtains. 5. If you want to join curtains, I suggest that you try to choose those first-line big brands with strong brand strength and good support policies to join. This will save you time and effort when opening a store, and make money faster. 6. Generally speaking, the franchise policy of second-tier curtain brands is more comprehensive. For the brand of choosing a duck in water, its support policy includes: store support. Such as store location, store design, store decoration, product sampling, etc., to help franchisees open stores. training support. What are the shopping guide strategies for fabric curtain stores? The trick to operating a fabric curtain store is best to be on the sidelines, to avoid continuous questions that affect consumers' emotions. The opening of the curtain fabric franchise store shopping guide is the beginning of sales. A good start means a good one. Finish. Word of mouth marketing combined with viral marketing. Seize and make full use of the social network resources of the first batch of customers, and quickly promote the popularity of the store in the form of conditional discounts. For example, when customers buy curtains, they can enjoy a few discounts if they recommend Moments, Douyin videos and like or watch them. Try to let customers participate in the sales interaction. Curtain sales is an interactive process. Doing a good job of interaction can increase the convincing power of our products and make customers pay attention to our explanation. Curtain showroom When selling curtains, there must be a curtain showroom in the store. Customers will see the display effect of the curtains intuitively when they come to the store, and they can also touch the fabric of the curtains and so on. Market research on how to open a curtain store: including business district surveys, competitive store surveys, etc. Business plan: determine the location of the store, calculate the turnover and scale, investment budget, etc. Interior decoration: including store interior decoration, shelf customization, all equipment and operating tools, signboard production, etc. Curtain fabric sales skills Curtains are customized products, not conventional products. As a curtain salesperson, you should first master the knowledge of curtains, including curtain fabrics, curtain installation, curtain making, curtain accessories, window measurement, etc. You are not required to be able to do it. But you are required to be able to say it. Which of the top ten curtain brands to join in investment? The top ten curtain franchise brand Kangli was established in 1998. Its curtains have very unique decorative effects and become the favorite cloth material library for consumers and designers. Since its establishment, it has been They are all advocates of high-grade personalized life, and the curtains it produces combine with personalized design to make life more intimate. Next, we will introduce the brands of curtain fabrics for curtain franchisees to help prospective investors successfully start their own businesses. Jinchan JINCHAN, the brand that joins the curtain fabric, is also one of the top ten domestic fabric curtain brands, and is also one of the most reliable curtain fabric brands. The company was established in 1988 and is the first brand-name product in Zhejiang that pioneered the flower spray process. Top Ten Curtain Brand Ranking 6: Jinchan Jinchan is a leading manufacturer in China's curtain industry. It has always taken high quality as its experience concept and adhered to the principle of customer first. Its products are sold in more than 60 countries, and are highly recognized by consumers and have won many honors. Big Vision China’s Top Ten Curtain Brands Rank Nine: British Dynasty Fabric Art China’s Top Ten Curtain Brands Rank Ten: Victoria. The above are the top ten curtain brands. You can learn by yourself if you want to do it. Each brand has its own brand characteristics. Everyone can only talk about it. Because I don’t know what you want to do, so you should think about it yourself. The unique "character" and "family love" culture, the "customer first" service concept, scientific management concept and efficient market operation methods have rapidly risen in the domestic soft decoration industry and led the development of the curtain industry. Committed to Luoqi curtain brand, brand curtain franchise, curtain brand finished product customization and other services. The top ten curtain brands Milan Curtain Co., Ltd. has been developing for more than ten years, and has won hundreds of halos and honors at the international, national, provincial and municipal levels. culture. Which brand of fabric curtains is good to join the curtain fabric brand? 1. Which fabric curtain brand has a good reputation? Royal Elizabeth Royal Elizabeth is one of the world's leading curtain brands. With great technical advantages, it has been affirmed by the international market many times and has become an honorary winner of the International Design Award. 2. Mercure Mercure is a Guangzhou brand with a high reputation. The reason why it is so famous is that the curtain fabrics are not only colorful, but also have a variety of design styles, which can meet the different needs of consumers. 3. Which brand of curtains is good? Weishiman Zhengzhou Weishiman Fabric Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D and design, production and processing, engineering curtain installation, brand franchise and marketing services. Products cover engineering curtains, fabrics, wallpapers, home textiles, furniture and other fields. 4. Which brand is good for fabric curtains Which brand is good for fabric curtains - Yulong (one of the Asian decorative fabric production and export enterprises, one of the leading enterprises in the home textile industry, top ten curtain fabric brands, Zhejiang Yulong Holding Group Co., Ltd.). This is the end of the introduction of joining fabric art. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about fabric franchise stores and joining fabric art, don't forget to search on this site.

Join in fabric art⟿fabric franchise store



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