How to determine the level of Jinjunmei↹Goldenmei level distinction

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This article will talk about how to determine the level of Jinjunmei and the knowledge points corresponding to the level of Jinjunmei. I hope it will be helpful to you Help, don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to identify the grade of Jinjunmei? 2. What kind of tea is Jinjunmei? 3. The difference between Yunnan Jinjunmei and Wuyishan Jinjunmei. Look at the color of tea leaves, look at the color of tea soup, and smell the smell of tea leaves. Look at the color of the tea leaves: the high-quality Jinjunmei tea leaves are mixed colors. The dry tea leaves are gold, brown, yellow, and black, and the superior tea leaves are also silver. . Method 1: Observe the shape of Jinjunmei tea. Most of the Jinjunmei tea is an odd variety, the tea buds are small in body, and the dried tea made from it is thin and tightly knotted. Jinjunmei tea is rolled by hand, resulting in a slightly curly shape with a large curvature. Observe the color of the soup: the good Jinjunmei soup is golden yellow, crystal clear, and high in clarity, while the inferior Jinjunmei soup is red in color and has high turbidity. First of all, you can identify the quality of Jinjunmei tea leaves by looking at the shape, specifically, to observe the shape of the dry tea. Then Jinjunmei is a kind of peculiar tea. Its tea buds have smaller body bones, so the dry tea made is thinner and firmer in appearance. Look at the tea buds: The picking of high-grade Jinjunmei tea requires fresh tea buds and the most tender parts of the buds, so the finished tea generally has a relatively high content of buds, while the middle-grade Jinjunmei tea is mixed with buds and leaves. It is difficult to see the buds of Jinjunmei, which are usually spread out leaves. What grade of tea is Jin Junmei? Jin Junmei belongs to high-grade black tea. Jinjunmei belongs to black tea in the tea category, and it is subdivided into the highest grade of Lapsang Souchong black tea. So in one sentence, Jin Junmei is the highest grade Lapsang Souchong. Jin Junmei belongs to the high-end grade. Jinjunmei belongs to the top-grade black tea, which is famous. Its origin is located in Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain, which is also the origin of Lapsang Souchong black tea. Jinjunmei was born out of the craftsmanship of Lapsang Souchong, and its special feature lies in the raw materials. Jinjunmei belongs to black tea, which is a high-grade tea and also a branch of the well-known black tea Lapsang Souchong. The production of Jinjunmei is made of buds as raw materials, which are made through withering, rolling, fermentation, drying and other processes. Jinjunmei tea has strict requirements on quality and raw materials are relatively scarce, so it is a relatively high-end tea. Jinjunmei is a high-end black tea. Jinjunmei tea, which belongs to the branch of Lapsang Souchong in black tea, is native to Tongmu Village, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Developed by the 24th generation inheritor of Lapsang Souchong Black Tea on the basis of traditional craftsmanship, Jinjunmei Tea is a new variety of black tea. Jinjunmei is a high-end black tea, which is different from ordinary black tea. After brewing, the soup color is amber Jinjunmei. After drinking, it has a light and sweet honey fragrance, sweet and smooth, and is deeply loved by everyone. Jinjunmei is a branch of Lapsang Souchong, and the raw material is picked from the birthplace of black tea in the world. "Brow": Describes the shape of tea, and also represents the tiny tea tips and tea buds. Among teas, tea made from buds is called eyebrow, such as Shoumei and Zhenmei. Generally speaking, the name of Jinjunmei has rich meanings, which not only expresses its noble and rare quality, but also symbolizes the significance of its rapid promotion. The difference between Yunnan Jinjunmei and Wuyishan Jinjunmei 1. Compared with the super-grade Jinjunmei, the first-grade Jinjunmei has strong strands, but a little stem, the color is still black, the soup is orange-yellow and bright, and the bottom of the leaf It is bronze in color but slightly darker. 2. Jinjunmei is the best black tea, because its living environment is strict (only the tip of the tea), so the output is relatively small, and the price is much more expensive than Lapsang Souchong. On the outside, there is plush on the surface of Jinjunmei, and the general color is brownish yellow. The size of Jinjunmei in the bag is uniform, and there will be no tea leaves of different sizes. 3. The appearance is different: Meizhan Jinjunmei tea sticks are strong, grown up, with fat stalks, and long internodes. The color is brownish green, slightly dark red, and the red spots are bright. After brewing, the soup color is yellow or orange, and the taste is strong. Fragrant and mellow with a long aftertaste. 4. "Jin" refers to the golden color of the finished tea and the golden color of the tea soup; "Jun" means a majestic mountain; "Mei" means that the raw material is tea buds. The dry brown color of Jinjunmei is unique, with gold in the black and slightly golden hair. The brewed tea soup is also golden yellow, clear and translucent, and Jin Junmei brewed in a white porcelain cup will show a golden halo around the cup wall. That’s all for the introduction of how to determine the level of Jin Junmei. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the classification of Jin Junmei and how to determine the level of Jin Junmei, don’t forget to search on this site oh.

How to determine the level of Jinjunmei↹Goldenmei level distinction



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