comrades was signal. With that unsparing tendency to let

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he earned no salary, he was lodged and fed, for he did the work of the

comrades was signal. With that unsparing tendency to let

second clerk. Desroches employed two chief clerks, and the work of the

comrades was signal. With that unsparing tendency to let

second was unremitting toil. By the end of his second year in the law-

comrades was signal. With that unsparing tendency to let

school Oscar knew more than most licensed graduates; he did the work

at the Palais intelligently, and argued some cases in chambers.

Godeschal and Desroches were satisfied with him. And yet, though he

now seemed a sensible man, he showed, from time to time, a hankering

after pleasure and a desire to shine, repressed, though it was, by the



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